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Proposed Researches A04 : "Pathological Conditions"

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A multimodal approach to studying the brain mechanism responsible for processing the perceptual unit of time and the “subjective present”

Principal Investigator
Yasuo Terao
Associate Prof., The Univ. of Tokyo Hospital

Neural mechanisms of confabulation: Interaction between time orientation and memory

Principal Investigator
Takashi Tsukiura
Associate Prof., Grad. Sch. of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto Univ.

Subjective time and its neural substrate in obsessive-compulsive disorder

Principal Investigator
Yuki Sakai
Research Assistant Prof. Department of Psychiatry, Graduate School of Medical Science, Kyoto Prefectural Univ. of Medicine.

A cognitive neuroscience approach to investigate future cognition: Perspectives from psychiatry and autonomic neuroscience

Principal Investigator
Satoshi Umeda
Prof., Department of Psychology, Keio Univ.

A neuropsychological approach to the study of the subjective present

Principal Investigator
Akira Midorikawa
Prof. Faculty of Letters, Chuo Univ.

Relationship between hypersensitivity to touch and excess tactile temporal resolution in individuals with autism-spectrum disorders

Principal Investigator
Masakazu Ide
PD., Department of Rehabilitation for Brain Functions, NRCD.

Proposed Researches B01 : "Linguistics and Philosophy"

When time changes into rhythm: Potential neural mechanisms that also involve speech perception

Principal Investigator
Tsuyoshi Kuroda
Assistant Prof.(Specially Appointed), Faculty of Informatics, Shizuoka Univ.

An Analysis of Moral/Mental Value Judgments with Time Tree Diagrams

Principal Investigator
Takuo Aoyama
Associate Prof. The Research Institute for Time Studies, Yamaguchi Univ.

Neural representations of mental time shift in the past, present, and future

Principal Investigator
Shingo Tokimoto
Prof. Faculty of Foreign Language Studies, Mejiro Univ.

Proposed Researches C01 : "Comparative Ethology"

Genesis of the mind that can place the past and future

Principal Investigator
Kazuo Fujita
Prof., Grad. Sch. of Letters, Kyoto Univ.

Development of mental time-travel ability during infancy

Principal Investigator
Tamami Nakano
Associate Prof., Grad. Sch. of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka Univ.

Interval timing mechanisms along with developmental differences in psychological properties in rodents

Principal Investigator
Shogo Sakata
Prof., Grad. Sch. of Integrated Arts & Sciences, Hiroshima Univ.

Exploring mental time using theoretical frameworks for delayed conditioning

Principal Investigator
Yutaka Sakai
Prof., Grad. Sch. of Brain Sciences, Tamagawa Univ.

Proposed Researches D01 : Neural basis and applications

Odors that are part of the background context of past episodes can modify the order of these events in the mental timeline—an investigation of the underlying mechanism.

Principal Investigator
Mitsunari Abe
Associate Prof,Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization.

Neural mechanisms underlying temporal association memory

Principal Investigator
Shinya Ohara
Research Associate, Tohoku University Graduate School of Life Sciences

Insect learning of a time interval

Principal Investigator
Hiromu Tanimoto
Prof., Grad. Sch. of Life Sciences, Tohoku Univ.

Perception and production of a time interval longer than 10 seconds: Experimental study of the cascaded delay model of the posterior cingulate retrosplenial cortex

Principal Investigator
Kazuo Okanoya
Prof., Grad. Sch. of Arts & Sciences, Univ. of Tokyo

Integral structure of perceptual space-time

Principal Investigator
Isamu Motoyoshi
Associate Prof., Grad. Sch. of Arts & Sciences, Univ. of Tokyo

Neuronal circuit mechanisms integrating the past and present and controlling future behavior

Principal Investigator
Hiroshi Nomura
Associate Prof., Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hokkaido Univ.

Neural mechanisms and spatial mapping of intrinsic time references that are necessary for auditory temporal analysis

Principal Investigator
Tetsufumi Ito
Assistant Prof., Faculty of Medical Sciences, Univ. of Fukui

Effects of “symbolized time” on complex search behavior: A study using foraging tasks

Principal Investigator
Jun Saiki
Prof, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto Univ.

Bodily and neural mechanisms of subjective time estimation in narrative comprehension

Principal Investigator
Hidetsugu Komeda
Associate Prof., Hakubi Project, Kyoto Univ.

The cognitive and neural bases of temporal finitude

Principal Investigator
Kuniaki Yanagisawa
Assistant Prof., Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto Univ.

Experimental aesthetics of mental time: investigations of awareness of beauty and attractiveness and the resulting brain oscillations

Principal Investigator
Hideaki Kawabata
Associate Prof., Department of Psychology, Faculty of Letters, Keio Univ.

Neural mechanisms that facilitate adaptive behavior based on acquired stimulus-outcome information

Principal Investigator
Masaaki Ogawa
Assistant Prof., Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto Univ.

The mechanisms of temporal measurement by hippocampal cell assembly sequences

Principal Investigator
Shigeyoshi Fujisawa
Team Leader, Brain Science Institute, RIKEN

Neuronal mechanism of temporal synchronization across different effectors

Principal Investigator
Nobuhiro Hagura
PhD, Center for Information and Neural Networks (CiNet)


Multineuronal activity in the cortex-basal ganglia system underlying action timing generation

Principal Investigator
Yoshikazu Isomura
Prof., Brain Science Institute, Tamagawa Univ.

Neural basis of mental time travel

Principal Investigator
Yukiyasu Kamitani
Dep. Head, Dep. of Neuroinformatics, ATR

Principal Investigator
Shin'ya Nishida
Group leader, Sensory Representation Research Group, Human Information Science Laboratory, NTT Communication Science Laboratoriesy

Elucidation of the neural basis of momentary hedonism in addiction and the development of a novel intervention

Principal Investigator
Hidehiko Takahashi
Associate Prof. Department of Psychiatry, Kyoto Univ. Hospital.


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